"I loved coloring as a kid!  It brought me calm in a house that could sometimes be crazy and chaotic.  One of the best birthday presents I can remember receiving was a box of 64 Crayolas ... I was in heaven .... and that was 57 years ago!"   Myra, founder of 50 Shades of Coloring

A summer evening in July 2015, watching the evening national news, there was a special feature on 'adult coloring' and how there were many coloring clubs forming on the East Coast.  I must have been in a retirement 'vaccum' as I had not heard of this growing worldwide phenonomen. One five minute search on Amazon after the show... and a purchase of several coloring books, I wanted to 'test' these coloring waters.  Two days later, with coloring books (not the ABC ones or Snoopy ones I grew up with) and markers in hand, I was hooked!!!!  It became a nightly ritual while watching TV and coloring became a break between doing whatever the day brought - there were lots of breaks, lots of excuses!  Yes, the beds got made and there was food on the table!  Even my grandkids got hooked when they visited - I had to order Mandala coloring books for kids.


I began searching for coloring clubs in Orange County (CA) and discovered none existed.  It looked like so much fun to color with others!  In my search, I discovered Meetup.com - a great venue for people to get together to have fun enjoying similar activities.  Bingo!  There were no Meetup coloring events in Orange County, so I decided to create one and 50 Shades of Coloring began with its first event in August 2015.  I thought I'd see how much interest there was before even finding a venue to host such an event or book a date.  Within 4 days, 50 people joined the group and 2 days later I scheduled our first event. 14 events since, 50 Shades of Coloring has grown to more than 600 members, now averaging 15-20 members of the coloring crew attending each event to imagine, create, relax and inspire!  I have met some amazing women ... and men, some with very heartfelt inspiring stories and the tremendous benefits they have gained from coloring, physically, emotionally and mentally - a great form of healing.


Also now offered, private coloring parties.  It's a great social event for clubs, organizations, birthday parties or just a group of friends.  Events were held for Talega Gallery in San Clemente, the Ladies of Harley based out of Irvine and the Niguel Shores Women's Club in Dana Point.


Who knew a childhood favorite pasttime would become a retiree's most enjoyable present time creating events that bring enjoyment, tranquility, laughter, creativity and a healthful hobby to others.