Blending Colors with Pencils

Online tips and tricks - Interested in learning about blending colors when using pencils?  Below are a few websites that may help.  Also, there are a lot of video's on YouTube that are excellent - search 'blending colors with pencils.'  There are a lot of great online instructional videos and websites.  Here are a few.....











Quick tips - blending of colors fills in the white space left by pencil strokes and smooths the colors (pigments) into each other.

  • Layering- use small circular motions with sides of pencil.  It saves the tips and fills in white space.  Allows color to build.

    • ​One base color, then add another color(s)

    • One base color, outline with additional color(s)

    • Outline the base color with darker or contrasting color

    • Use a combination of pencils and markers

  • Blending tools - used to smooth out pigment, fill in white space, blend colors together.  Use circular motion for maximum fill.

    • Q-Tip - use circular motion to move pigment around the area.  The harder the pressure used, the lighter the pigment becomes.

    • ​Blending pencil - (Amazon, Michael's) - moves pigment around without additng color.  Use small circular motion.  Cannot add color once the blending pencil is used.

    • Blending stump - (Amazon, Michael's) - this is compressed paper.  It pushes the wax color around.  You need to push a bit harder and cannot add layers.  It provides a softened effect.  To clean the stump of pigment, lightly rub tip on sandpaper.

    • Vaseline - Can use with any colored pencil.  Lightly dip the pencil tip in Vaseline.  Using circular motion on pencil to keep sharpness, smooth and fill in the white space.  The Vaseline softens the lead so you will get a darker effect.  Wipe the lead clean when done to  prevent lead from continuing to soften.  Dab/blot the area on the paper with a paper towel to remove any dampness.  It will dry.

    • White pencil - used to smooth out colors and lightens pigment.  Can add color again and top with white pencil to lighten.

    • Blending marker - (Amazon, Michael's) - These melt the wax, softens the look and fills in the white spaces.  To clean the marker, rub the marker on paper to remove all pigment.

    • Odorless mineral oil - (Amazon - Gamsol, Michael's - Mona Lisa) - Use a blending stump or fine brush.  Add a cotton ball or two to a small glass jar with a lid.  Pour a little oil so cotton balls are absorbed.  Dip stump into the cotton ball to moisten.  Work in small circles from center to edge to get effect you like.  You can get a very soft effect.  Can add a second layer of color after the first layer is dry.