Crafts from Pictures

Ever want to know what to do with those finished pictures?




  • 4" x 4" white tiles - .16 cents - Home Depot or Lowe's

  • ModPodge or similar craft glue - WalMart, Michael's, JoAnn's

  • Rust-oleum Triple Thick Glaze - Home Depot

  • 4 small round self-adhesive felt protectors for each tile

  • Sponge brush for glue



  • Cut pictures (or color photocopy a picture) to 3-1/2" x 3-1/2", depending on how much white edging you prefer.

  • Apply glue to tile, center picture on tile and using a credit card or hard surface flat object scan on top of picture to make sure air bubbles are gone and edges are sealed.  Let dry at least one hour.

  • Spray glaze according to directions making sure entire surface is covered evenly.  Repeat 2-3 times letting dry 30 min. between coats.

  • Apply felt protectors to bottom in each corner.  

  • NOTE:  do not place hot items on coasters.








  • 4" or bigger clay pot and saucer

  • ModPodge or similar craft glue - WalMart, Michael's, JoAnn's

  • Paper to make template if total wrapping of pot - need 12" for 4" pot.  I used a paper towel taped together for the template

  • 12" x 12" picture or two 8-1/2x11 pictures - make sure if a pattern that they match.  Can make color copies of original.  If making a collage, cut out various patterns and/or shapes and sizes

  • Rust-oleum Triple Thick Glaze spray - Home Depot

  • White primer or acrylic paint - either works

  • Contrast color for rim of pot or coaster - spray paint or acrylic

  • Sponge brush for ModPodge and paint



  • Spray or paint pot white - let dry.

  • Tape off white area and cover with template.  Either spray or paint trim, inside and saucer a contrast color - let dry.  By also painting the inside, it will help seal so moisture won't seep through the clay pot, OR, spray or paint entire pot one color inside and out.

  • For solid pattern - using template, cut out picture, matching patterns.  Apply glue to outside of pot below rim a small section at a time as it will dry quickly. Add picture and work around pot smoothing as you go.  There maybe some small creases but with a busy pattern, it won't be easy to see.

  • For sporatic collage design - precut pieces.  Apply glue to various areas, one at a time, smooth out.  Cover pot to desired look.

  • Once completely dry, apply 2-3 coats of glaze, allowing 30 minutes between each coat.







  • Plastic switch plate covers - Home Depot or Lowe's

  • ModPodge or similar craft glue - WalMart, Michael's, JoAnn's

  • Rust-oleum Triple Thick Glaze - Home Depot

  • Colored picture

  • Sponge brush for glue



  • Cut pictures to measure 1/2" larger than plate.

  • Coat plate with layer of glue. 

  • Place front of plate face down on back of picture - make sure edges of picture are even inches to plate.  Reverse side and smooth picture so all air bubbles are removed

  • Add glue to sides of plate, fold up sides of picture

  • Trim paper to plate edge (razor blade or sharp scissors), fold in corners and touch up with glue to secure edges down.  Tip: if using rotor cutter, tip plate on edge and cut to trim.

  • Let dry approximately 30 minutes.  Using razor blade or very sharp mini-scissors, cut out switch opening.  Smooth down edges with fingers or toothpick.  Using toothpick, poke holes where small screws should go, then push screw through and pull out.  Smooth paper in screw hole.  If need be, touch-up edges with a little glue to secure down. Let dry 1 hour.

  • Spray with 3 coats of Triple Thick Glaze - allow 30 minutes to dry between coats.





Magnet #1


  • Adhesive magnets (4x6, 3-1/2x5 or 8-1/2x11 sheet) - Michael's, Amazon or WalMart

  • Self-laminating sheets or 2"+ clear cellophane packing tape

  • Uncolored or colored picture

  • Cut pictures to size of magnet or cut design first and then cut magnet size to match

  • Remove adhesive and apply picture to magnet - trim if needed and color if using uncolored pictured

  • Seal with one of the following options:

    • ​Cut self-laminating sheet to size of magnet, top picture, trim

    • If creating a magnet 2" wide or less, top with a piece to cellophane tape - trim to fit.


Magnet #2


  • 1" Clear glass stones ($1.00 a bag at Dollar Tree)

  • Round magnets (3/4" or less) - Michael's, WalMart

  • Mod Podge

  • Uncolored 1" circle designs (used 1" hole punch)

  • Hot glue gun

Color circles.  Glue right side of design to back side of stone.  Let dry.  Using 

hot glue gun adhere magnet to back of glass stone. 




  • Wood frames - Michael's ($1.00) or WalMart ($1.00)

  • Acrylic paint - color to match colors in colored picture + brush

  • Colored or uncolored picture

  • Mod Podge or similar liquid glue + brush

  • Rust-oleum Triple Thick Glaze - Home Depot

  • Uncolored or colored picture


Instructions for uncolored picture frame - a great gift to give a colorist!

  • Either copy/print an uncolored picture page onto lightweight card stock OR use a picture from a book (or download), making sure the page fully coveres the width and length of the frame

  • Apply Mod Podge or other glue onto front of wood frame

  • Place back of picture onto glued front of frame making sure picture covers front of frame

  • Using cloth or napkin, smooth down picture to make sure there are no wrinkles

  • Reverse frame and using a rotary cutter, exaco-knife or scissors, trim picture to frame on outside and then on inside cutting out center

  • Color with pens, pencils or markers

  • You can paint sides and inside rim with color-coordinated acrylic paint being careful not to get on picture - optional or leave natural wood

  • To protect the colored picture once complete, spray with 2 coats of Triple Thick Glaze letting dry 30 minutes between coats.


Instructions for colored picture frame

  • Use a completed picture or color-copy one onto lightweight card stock

  • Using a color-coordinated acrylic paint to match a color in the picture, paint the sides and inside rim of the frame (optional) - or leave natural.

  • Complete frame using steps #2-5 and #8 above for uncolored frame




  • Any size tile (Home Depot - 4x4 white tile - .16 each

  • Permanent markers (Sharpies, BIC, etc.)

  • Acryclic Sealer (Mod Podge, Rustoleum or Krylon) 

  • Isoprophyl Alcohol - 91%

  • Eye dropper



  • Color tile with any permanent marker

  • Using eye dropper with alcohol, add small droplets, watch it marblize (sometimes less is more - too many droplets may blend all colors but that maybe the look you want).  Can rotate tile to get more blended look.

  • Let dry one hour, then lightly spray (sweeping motion 6" away) with sealer to set ink. Let dry and repeat.  After 2nd coat is dry, completely seal to gloss finish.

  • Add felt pads to bottom of tile if using for coaster




Instead of tile pick up a picture frame with glass (Dollar Tree $1.00).  Remove glass and color with permanent markers.  Add droplets of alcohol.  Let colors blend.  Dry one hour.  Spray with sealer.  When dry, replace glass and add white or any colored paper (cut to fit) to back of glass, add backing.  OR, omit backings and leave clear if hanging on wall so wall color shows through.

Savvy Seashells



  • Seashells

  • Permanent markers (ultra-fine or fine tips)



  • Create and imagine

Leaf Tiles/Coasters



  •  4x4” Tiles (.16 Home Depot or Lowes)

  •  Mod Podge are similar type glue

  •  Sharpies—Ultra Thin

  •  Acrylic spray sealer (ModPodge, Rustoleum, Krylon—at Home Depot, Lowes, WalMart)

  •  Leaf templates (can download fro Internet—search ‘leaf templates’)  

  •  Pencil and eraser

  •  Scrapbook paper (Tile #1)

  •  Sharpies—fine (Tile #3)

  •  Alcohol (91%) (Tile #3)

  •  Felt pads


Tile #1 (Top)

  • 1. Cut scrapbook paper  1/4” smaller than tile  dimensions.

  • 2. Glue to tile, leaving  equal border.  Let dry.

  • 3. Using leaf template, trace with pencil onto tile.

  • 4. Using marker, draw stem down middle of leaf

  • 5. Using marker, draw lines  at leaf angles from stem to leaf edge—continue until leaf is finished

  • 6. Erase all pencil marks

  • 7. Spray tile  lightly with acrylic spray using sweeping motion about 6” from tile to set ink.  Let dry 15-20 min.  Apply second light coat. Let dry.  Add heavier 3rd coat to seal.  Will not gloss on heavier card stock.


Tile #2 (Center)

Follow steps #3-8.  Follow steps 3-8 in Tile #1, however, completely seal to gloss finish after #7.


Tile #3 (Bottom)

See "Sharpie Tiles" above or on—search “Sharpie Tiles.”

Follow steps 3-8 in Tile #1, however, completely seal to gloss finish after #7.

Marker Art Words



  • Fine-tipped permanent markers

  • Paper



  • None needed - see photos to right.  Use inspirational words, names, places, favorite sayings.