Coloring Books

They can now be found everywhere!  A few tips when shopping for a coloring book:

  • If planning to color with markers or pens, make sure pages are printed on one side only, as the colors will bleed through to the reverse page and sometimes the picture printed on the side not being colored will show through on the page coloring with markers.

  • It helps greatly if pages are perforated.  It makes for easier coloring to color on a flat surface.  If pages are not perforated, use a rotary cutter or even scissors to remove


Coloring books on the cheap.......


  • Walmart- $4.43 - about 6 different types of books. Pages are perforated and printed on one side. Located in the craft/sewing departments.

  • Amazon - Thousands of options!  Read the reviews and the descriptions.

  • Target - Found in their bargain bins, there are 3 types of books - a small travel size ($3); the same books Walmart has ($5), and a oversized mandala book with great pictures ($3).  You may have to hit several Target's to find them.

  • JoAnn - You can use your coupons to buy their coloring books.  I did notice though that they have placed their own price stickers on the back cover of many books.  Those prices are higher than even Michael's or Barnes & Noble selling the exact same book.  FYI - Michael's does not allow you to use any coupons for coloring books - they consider them 'magazines.'

  • Costco - Again, like Target, the supply varies from store-to-store.  However, the one's I've been in have a huge display of Creative Haven books for $9.99.  They are double-sized and a great deal!  Most Creative Haven regular sized books sell for $7.99.

  • Dover Publications - They are the guru for coloring book publications.  They print millions annually but have continual sales that make it worth while to check their website regularly.