Coloring Deals, Steals & More

They are out there!  Let's share our coloring deals, steals and unusual finds!  Whether pens, pencils, coloring books and more.  Email to: - where you found it, what it is/was and if a sale - the dates, any coupon codes or coupons used, etc.  

Clear glitter pens - add bling to any picture. $10.74


20 different colored glitter gel pens. - $17.99.  Also avalable, a set of 20 mini glitter pens - great for travel!

300 piece jig saw puzzles to color.  Two designs.  JoAnn's - $9.99 but can use 40-50% off coupons because these are found in the puzzle aisle at the larger stores and not on their coloring book shelves.  Not available online.

Coloring journal.  Target - $3.99 - found in the stationary department.  Available online, too.

Coloring Books

  • - check out the clearance section.  Many coloring books are less than $5

  • - the premier publishers of Creative Heaven coloring books and more.  There are always big sales ongoing.

  • WalMart - In the craft section - a great variety of books, perforated pages and heavier stock printed on one-side - $4.43

  • Target - check their dollar bins - stock will vary from store-to-store - they have the same books at WalMart for $5 but others for $3

  •  - besides coloring books they sell many items to color - Thank you, Kathleen, for this recommendaton. 

Pens, Markers and More

  • Colored pencils - Michael's - Artist's Loft - 36/$4.99.  Can use either their coupons or JoAnn's.

  • Sharpies - Staples - 24/$14 both in the fine and ultra-fine tips

  • Eraser pencils  - comes with 2 extra erasers - works like a mechanical pencil - Daiso - $1.50

  • Pencil sharpener - Michael's - Artist's Loft - $1.39 - much better than most

  • Clipboards - Dollar Tree ($1.00) and Daiso ($1.50)