Coloring with Pens/Markers

Online tips and tricks - Interested in learning about coloring with pens and markers?  Below are a few websites that may help.  Also, there are a lot of video's on YouTube that are excellent - search 'coloring with pens' or 'coloring with markers.'











Tools of the 'trade' - No product endorsements.  You do not need to spend a lot of money to create beautiful pictures using pens and markers.  Below are few popular brands.  Before buying Prismacolor, Copic or other brands, check out reviews on Amazon and Google 'coloring with pens' or 'coloring with markers.'  Be careful of water-based markers (Crayola, Cra-Z-Art, etc.).  They tend to be too moist and buckle the paper if it s not of thicker stock.  They also take longer to dry, however, can blend colors while still wet.  Permanent markers are alcohol-based and dry immediately and therefore colors cannot be blended together.  They will sometimes leave tip marks if you wait too long to finish the coloring space.  There are tip sizes of markers - 'fine'  (covering large spaces)and 'ultra-fine' (for sma thatll intricate spaces).  Tips - 1) actual marker colors are darker than the color of the caps on the markers, 2) they last a very long time when caps on tight.  If you storee tip down, especially those that seem to be drying out, the ink will work longer.

  • Sharpies ($) - most popular.  $10/24 (Staples).  WalMart and Amazon sell the same sets for $17+.

  • BIC Permanent Markers ($$) - $17/36 (Amazon).  They are 36 different colors

  • Prismacolor ($$$) - $28/12 (Amazon) - come with a brush trip and finse tip

  • Copic ($$$$) - $56/12 (Amazon) - the Rolls Royce of markers.

  • Gel Pens ($) - $7.99/40 (Amazon) - provide very bright colors and glitter pens that markers cannot.  They are liquid so they take longer to dry. Used in large area, like water-based markers, they can buckle the paper.  The ink does not last long.  Great for accenting intricate pictures or for punches of color.


Special effects using markers

  • Waterbased markers - can get a blended color effect when adding colors before previous ones dry but need to work fast.  It's almost like using watercolors.

  • Alcohol-based markers - dry upon contact and therefore cannot blend.

    • ​To give depth to a picture use a darker color to outline

    • Can also layer multiple marker colors by leaving white space when applying the first layer and/or second layer

    • Can use multiple marker colors in one area


Clipboards - when using markers it is best to remove your page from the book and place on a clipboard.  All markers tend to bleed through the back side of the page as paper is porous.  Especially use a clipboard when coloring with permanent markers as the ink is very difficult to remove from surfaces such as tables.