Expressions and Impressions from the Coloring Crew

“Great!  Myra did an excellent job organizing this group.  All the ladies were nice and I am looking forward to getting together again!”  Linda B., 9/19/15


“Myra, I had a great time Saturday.  You are a great leader and hostess and made everyone feel comfortable.  Looking forward to seeing you soon.”  Pam, 9/20/15


 “What a great time!  Everyone there was super friendly and personable.  Myra is an awesome hostess and leader.  Looking forward to more with this group.”  Geri, 9/21/15


“I love that there is a group to be able to share our coloring.” Terri, 10/1/15


“Very fun!  Nice group of ladies.”  Linda, 10/25/15


“Enjoyed the morning.  Always fun to take some time to play!”  Catherine, 10/24/15


“Thank you for starting this adventure.” – Susan, 11/6/15


“I like this group. I was a half hour late and everyone was still very welcoming. ” — Deborah, 12/2/15


“We had a very great time and we will see you in January. It was nice to meet all of the other ladies.  Thank you for having the group.  Merry Christmas. – Angela, 12/2/2015


Have a wonderful joyous holiday season and I look forward to more fun and coloring in 2016!” – Linda B., 12/1/2015


“Great fun!  I will tell others.”  Ed, 1/9/16

“Great fun – loved it!  Thank you.”  Janece, 1/9/16


“I like coloring with a group and socialize.”  Frances G., 1/9/16

“Always fun!  Amazingly organized, love all the choices and resources.”  Anonymous, 1/9/16


“A really nice group! Thanks again for the Valentines color page, and the company!” – Beverly, 1/9/16


“A very friendly group of people which I hope to see again soon. The meetup location was perfect for me. Thank you!” – Donna, 1/9/16


“Myra was excellent. Really enjoyed the experience and all the other attendees. Definitely going again.” – Ed, 1/9/16


“It was fun getting together to color with the group and meet new people last night!  So glad some new folks from the Barnes and Noble event have decided to join our group. The bookmarks were a great idea, thank you so much for offering those for us to color! – Angela, 1/9/16


“A terrific meet-up group! Coloring is an easy, fun way to creatively express oneself while enjoying the company of some very nice people while doing so. Myra is a great group organizer. I always enjoy myself! ” — Janece, 1/27/16


“Easy - Simple - Pick a picture - pick some beautiful colors - talk and play! This was a great way chat with nice people and play with so many colors - very well organized - thank you, Myra .” — Dotty, 1/26/16.


“What a great group. Very organized and well thought out.  Nice to see a big group enjoying a relaxing craft. ”— Renee C., 1/26/16


“Myra was wonderful. She is friendly, inviting and made sure that everyone had a good time. I had a great evening talking and coloring with a sweet group of people. It was fun and I am planning on attending another event. Thank you for making it special for my mom, too!”  ” – Cathy W. 1/26/16


“Thanks for organizing it, Myra.  It was fun!” – Mark, 1/26/16


“Fun, fun night and friendly people. Thanks Myra for a great meetup.” – Francine, 1/26/16


“Such a fun night of creativity and new friends! Wonderful job, Myra!” – Janece, 1/26/16


“Had a great time! – Frances G., 1/26/16


“I had lots of fun. Thanks Myra for organizing it!” – Anne, 1/26/16


“I knew it would be fun!  And did not disappoint!  This was a great way to "meet-up" with other coloring enthusiasts, be creative and have adult conversations at the same time. I had such a wonderful time. You're never too old to color!! ”— Jacque, 2/6/16


“My mom and I had a great time!  Looking forward to our next Meetup.” – Pam, 2/6/16


“So much fun and such nice people!  Really friendly people and well organized! Thank you, Myra!” – Kathleen and Maggie, 2/6/16


“Another great Meetup, Myra!   I always have a great time! – Janece, 2/6/16

 “Ladies, thank you for making me feel so welcomed!  U are all great! – Ed, 2/6/16


“What a great group! So nice to have an organized event where you can spend time on a relaxing creative pursuit, in the company of friendly people. Thank you, Myra!”  – Kathleen D., 2/22/16


“The first time I did this with Myra was with my Ladies of Harley group in December, and I had so much fun that I came back. Such a nice group of creative people looking to relax and just de-stress in a way that brings me back to my favorite childhood pastime. Fun and relaxing. I really enjoyed learning some more tips, especially with color pencils and Vaseline. Lovely to meet you all.” – Diane L., 2/22/16


“This was a really nice and relaxing evening and it was very nice to meet all of you. This is a great group. Nice to be able to continue a childhood hobby in the company of others who share the same interest. ” – Donna, 2/22/16


“Always a great time!” – Frances G., 2/22/16




Private Party – Talega Gallery, San Clemente – 21 attendees – 3/3/16

“Very entertaining!” – Dolly


“First experience with adult coloring.  Instructor very positive and encouraging.  I am hooked on

                coloring!” – Nancy


“Very interesting.” – Adrienne




“Your imagination can run wild!” – Lorraine


“Myra – you make the session and informative – great class! Loved all the information and handouts.” –

                Candy Curtis, Activity Director


“Can go wild!  No need to conform to the norm!  Relaxing.”




“I had a blast!  Can’t wait for the next one!  This group was totally fun and I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys coloring.  Friendly people and fun!” – Facebook post - Nicole, 3/5/16


“I really enjoyed this meet up! I loved meeting everyone and talking while coloring. I especially loved the information of new techniques and the supplies. Definitely will be going to more meet ups :)” – Nicole, 3/5/16


“I so look forward to these events. the night before I'm like a kid getting ready for their first day of school. I feel blessed for finding this group. Loving my new carousel of colors. I'll need to buy another one soon for a neighbor.” – Jacque, 3/5/16


“Thank you for a relaxing morning of coloring and visiting. It was nice to meet some new creative members. Enjoyed learning about blending colors, too.”  Kathleen, 3/5/16


“What a wonderful morning! I truly enjoyed all the information that you offered and to social with new friends.  Your coloring event is great, and so enjoyable and relaxing!” – Darlene, 3/5/16


“I thoroughly enjoy my time at Fifty Shades of Color with Myra. She really makes an effort to educate us on blending colors and ways to put our art to use (bookmarks, coasters, and ceramic pots). She creates such a comfortable friendly atmosphere for us to chat and color and relax to our heart's desire. Come join us - you'll have a great time, too.” – Maggie, 3/5/16


“I spent about an hour with a neighbor talking about your events.  She will probably come to an event at paneras.  I will probably have more joiners as time goes by. Will keep you updated and send forward your last email about the evening events... Sincerest thanks for the meet up this morning.

Carolin, one of your biggest fans – 3/5/16


“Very fun!  Learned lots.” – Anna D., 3/10/16


“Thanks, Myra. I enjoyed myself as usual. And while I wasn't too keen on how it looked last night, I looked at it again this morning. I realized I liked the effect much more in the daylight and I will finish it next time. It's definitely a different result than markers and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to try all the materials and learn about more projects and techniques. I think I'll be switching between pencils and markers from now on! Thanks again for another great event. See you on the 30th!” – Susan G., 3/11/16


“Like always, had a great time and thanks, Myra, for bringing the glitter pens.  I’m investing in my own set.” – Francis G., 3/11/16


“I had a nice evening and so happy to win a coloring book. I ordered that 60 pen set of gel pens on amazon last night, so thanks for the tip.” – Francine, 3/10/16


“Myra, you are amazing. Your ability to get people together is truly a gift! Thanks for everything!” – Anne R., 3/10/16


“For two hours my daughter didn't have to worry about school, or bite her nails. She got lost in the colors. Thank you for a wonderful, therapeutic time.” – Michelle E. 3/26/16


“A very fun thing to do.  A lot of nice people.  A lot of supplies available.” – Michelle D., 3/26/16


“It was fun and we met new people. I told the group it was more fun than a Tupperware Party!” – Angela, 3/26/16


“I want to thank you.  It was a wonderful evening. – Char, 3/28/16


“Had a fun and relaxing time with all these lovely ladies.  Can’t wait for the next meet!” – Nicole, 3/30/16


“Good activity – colorful work – and enjoyable company.” – Dotty, 3/30/16

“Love this group!  Just spent an enjoyable couple of hours with some very nice ladies coloring and visiting.  Thanks to Myra, our gracious host. – Renee M., 3/30/16


“I am always so thankful for a coloring meetup after a stressful day at work.  It’s very fun and helps me unwind.” – Susan G., 3/31/16


“Had a blast as always when going to one of these. Love the company and chance to talk with fellow colorers.” – Nicole, 4/6/16


“It was fun coming to the group last night. I enjoyed meeting everyone and getting the chance to use the glitter pens. Will definitely like to join you guys, again. Thanks Myra for making it a fun meeting . You had some great ideas and pages to share.” – Sharon S., 4/7/16


“It was great seeing everyone. I am like a kid when its group night, "what will I bring" and "what will I work on." I enjoy this feeling and always look forward to seeing my group friends, and welcoming the new. I am sorry I can't make it on Saturday. – Frances G., 4/7/16


“Had an awesome time as always. Totally love the glitter gel pens definitely need to get me some more of those.” – Nicole, 4/6/16


“Loved using the glitter pens tonight!”  - Diane, 4/6/16


“Thanks for another wonderful event, Myra! Mitch had a great time last night. That cityscape page was perfect for him and I think he will finish it in the next few days. I'll send a photo once he does. And I owe you other photos too. I haven't completed much yet, but there are a couple of things I've been meaning to send. I just need to get my act together and I will soon. I can't wait until the 14th. Have a colorful day too!” – Susan G., 4/7/16


“This group is awesome! Myra does an exceptional job of organizing everything and the meetings are so much fun! I’m always looking forward to the next one!” – Susan G. 4/7/16


“Thanks, Myra.  Another great meetup today!” – Pam, 4/9/16


“Such a wonderful group. The organizer, Myra, was so sweet and welcoming.  Will definitely return!” – Alyx, 4/14/16



“I loved the event.  Everything was supplied for us so all we had to do was show up.  It was low key and relaxing yet very informative. Your presentation of some simple techniques to get us started and suggestions as we continued to color were great.  Not only did I learn some new things about using colored pencils but I also got some great tips about where to buy books and supplies at great prices.  I will definitely be attending another class and inviting some friends”. – Kathy B. – 3/6/16

“Enjoyable relaxing evening with nice people and a fabulous hostess.” – Renee M. 4/14/16


“What a wonderful evening!! Myra is a great Meetup nice, very helpful and most generous. It was fun coloring and hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones. Thank you Myra! I look forward to the next one! “– Maria, 4/25/16


“What a great MEETUP! Myra is a sweetheart and a great hostess! We met a group of very nice people!” – Donna, 4/25/16


“Terrific time, look forward to seeing everyone May 14th, it's becoming a wonderful place to see friends.
Myra you have created more like a family without the drama.” – Carolin, 4/25/16


“These events are always enjoyable.” – Jacque, 4/25/16


“What a wonderful evening!! Myra is a great nice, very helpful and most generous. It was fun coloring and hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones. Thank you Myra! I look forward to the next one! – Maria – FB post, 4/25/16


“It was a lot of fun.  It is an amazing and creative group of people.  Looking forward to unleash my creativity with everyone’s help and support :)” – Alka, 4/26/16.


“We had a really good time.  Can’t wait until next time!” – Angela, 4/26/16


“We had a great time coloring and talking!  Thank you, Myra, for making us feel welcomed and taking care of us!  You are a sweetheart!” – Donna, 4-26-16


“We had so much fun! Myra is a great event host! She was just full of information and has a great variety of things to color and lots of pencils, pens & markers! I can't wait for the next one!” – Donna, 4/26/16


“My second session with Myra and the gang.  Kudos to Myra who has created this awesome gathering and attracts people just as nice as she is.  I will be back for more…. Thanks, Myra.” – Josie , 5/14/16


“Such a fun morning with Myra and the coloring group! I look forward to the next Meetup.” – Maria, 5/14/16


“We had a great time as we always do!  It was so much fun to introduce a friend and her daughter to our group. They loved it!!” – Susan G., 5/17/16


“I enjoyed the evening very much. Nice to see everyone.  Thank you, Myra!” – Donna, 5-17/16


“Great class!  Color me in!” – Buzz, 5/19/16


“Thanks, Myra.  What a fun afternoon!!!” – Louise, 5/19/16


“Myra, thanks for a fun afternoon.  I am glad we ate lunch first.  The use of different  pens and examples of how they look was helpful.  Having a variety of projects was terrific.  I also liked that they were at different levels.  The drawing and chocolates were fun, too!  Mostly, you made if a fun and relaxing afternoon.  Many thanks!” – Lisa, 5/19/16


“Lots of fun.  Very talented pupils (I am not one of them).  It was a fun afternoon!”


“A great afternoon!  Well done!  Thanks.” – Diane, 5/19/16


“Lots of fun!  Thanks!” – Tina, 5/19/16


“Well organized, well supplied – a fun afternoon!” – Florence, 5/19/16


“These times are always relaxing and fun!” – Jacquie, 5/23/16


“Getting more and more addicted to do this every time I come.  Tonight was no exception.  It’s always nice to meet new ladies.” – Diane, 5/23/16


“Always a fun time coloring with everyone!  Thanks, Myra, for another great colorful evening!” – Maria, 5/23/16


“Had a ton of fun and loved visiting with all the awesome ladies!” – Nicole, 5/23/16


“Had a great time. Very relaxing.  It's always fun welcoming new people to the mix and visiting with everyone. Let’s keep glittering.” – Frances, 5/23/16


“Enjoyed a relaxing evening in good company. It's fun to see everyone's coloring projects. Very inspiring! Thank you, Myra!” – Kathleen, 5/24/16


“Fun times with great people!” – Maria, 6/4/16


“I had a great time! Everyone was so nice I can't wait to come again.” – Reva, 6/4/16


“I think this was the best one I've been too so far because the company was amazing and I loved the new idea with tiles and sharpies!” – Nicole, 6/4/16


“Wunderbar!!!  I agree! What AA super group. And so much talent.  Fun fun fun for everyone. Thank you, Myra, for your inspiration and encouragement.” – Les, 6/4/16


“So much fun! Today we decorated tiles/coasters, as well as seashells. Myra always has the greatest ideas for showcasing coloring artwork. Nicest group of people, too!” – Kathleen, 6/4/16


“Great time! My boys enjoyed it also! I'll be bringing them to Panera on the 23!” Sylvia, Nick, Peter, & Aaron, 6/7/16


“Oh, my goodness! Such a fun bunch of people. Enjoyed working on my long-term detailed coloring page. Than you, Myra!” – Kathleen, 6/7/16


“We had so much fun with the tile project last night. Thanks for another great event!” – Susan G., 6/8/16


“Had another wonderful evening with a group of nice people. It was a packed house. Much fun coloring and socializing. Thanks Myra!” – Frances, 6/8/16


“Excellent as always!! I had a blast and got a lot of coloring done!” – Nicole, 6/8/16


“A very nice evening of coloring and socializing! Really enjoyed the colored tile project!” – Maria, 6/8/16


“The tiles came out beautiful. We had a very good time last night. It was nice to meet some new people.” – Angela, 6/8/2016


“Yes, all the tanks goes to you, Myra, for inspiring us and bringing us all together.” – Kathleen, 6/6/16


“We had a great time chatting and coloring. Love the new projects, but spent my time coloring my horsey. Will have to try one on Tuesday night. See you then.” – Angela, 6/5/16


“Thank You again!-- You are a very thoughtful person to organize such an event. I am hoping to bring others to this in the future. It is a very pleasurable break for me. My skills aren’t as good as some of the others, but I am happy to participate.” PS-- CJ is a Super Great Person! – Wendy, 6/21/16


“A Really Fun Evening!😀-- Thank you Myra for all your amazing consideration to organize this enjoyable evening!-- I realized after looking at the "pieces of artwork"-- that I have alot of "Coloring"--to do to become a better artist!😅--- Nonetheless, I am happy with my Elephant & will frame him & give him a home😀-- Very Nice Meeting everyone! & seeing some of the same faces again! – Wendy, 6/21/16


“It was lovely meeting you too!! I had such fun!! I'll definitely be joining again soon! I want to go this Thursday but I have something else on 😔 But, I'll see you in July!” – Fiona 6/21/16


“I'm so glad I joined the fun. I look forward to attending again in July. I'm already using my bookmark.” – Karen, 6/21/16


“I had a great time coloring my bookmark. I enjoyed watching others to get ideas for next time.” – Karen, 6-21/16


“Thank you for continuing to have these events :) I'll bring the glitter again Thursday if anyone wants to try it on their tiles :).” – Nicole, 6/21/16


“Super fun as always!!!!! Love the company and learning about new techniques and supplies everyone's using :D” – Nicole, 6/21/16


 “Enjoyed the relaxing, friendly activity and fun conversations.” – CJ, 6/21/16


“Really enjoyed the evening.  Nice to see everyone again. Thank you, Myra .” – Donna, 6/21/16


“Perfect for calming me down from an intense stressful day. I was able to forget about my problems and get into coloring. This really does work to calm you, and today with the kind of day I had, it was the true test on how well it works. Quieter tonight at Fuddruckers. Mondays are perfect.” – Diane, 6/21/16

“I agree with Nicole, so many new things to absorb, but I wouldn't want it any other way. So much fun with such a large group. Nice to see our regulars from that side of the OC. Myra, you come up with so many great things for us and the raffles, love them! I'm going to get started on my two color picture....think I will use marker and glitter, have to.” – Frances, 6/23/16


“A fun filled night coloring and chatting with friends!“ – Donna, 6/23/16


“I truly enjoyed my first visit at Panera. Lots of socializing with kind hearted people. Myra was so organized and ready to share some great ideas. She took time to teach me some blending tricks that I look forward to trying. It was fun, a great outing and I look forward to our next meet-up.” – Evelyn, 6/23/16


“Always love this event no matter if it's a big group or small.” – Jacque, 6/23/16


“What a fun evening socializing with old and new friends while working on the one color challenge!! Thanks Myra.” – Maria, 6/23/16


“I thought the turnout was great.   I was happy to see the young men participate!  I wish more men, young and old will participate!  I will be attending all 3 events in July at Panera Bread.” – Carolin, 6/24/16


“Thank you, Myra.  The boys really enjoyed it!” – Sylvia, 6/24/16


“Joyful women coloring!   I don’t know if I let you know often enough how much I appreciate you and all you put forth into this meet up.  It is a beautiful experience on so many levels.  Forever thank you sweet Myra.” – Josie, 6/24/16


“There was so many people this time around there was too much new ideas to absorb! I had sooooo much!!! Love this group!!” – Nicole, 6/23/16


“Thanks Myra! Your coloring groups are so much fun and everyone is so pleasant! I'm posting my whale to the FB page, but I also posted it under this group, but it came out upside down and I cannot get her turned around, can you help me? If not, I will try to repost, but it does the same thing! Thank you! See you soon! Stay cool! “– Donna, 6/25/16


“Great people to enjoy while coloring!” – Carolin, 7/2/16 


“This was a great day. The company was good and it was fun. Great to have our newest member Donnie Lynch join us. She is an old friend of mine and Angela Di Mino Parker that we have reconnected with.” – Annette, 7/2/16


“Always so much fun!  Today was magnet coloring for me...such a great idea, Myra!! Thanks for another fun event!” – Maria, 7/2/16


Always fun.”– Carolin, 7/2/16


“Maria, you forgot CREATIVE!  So fun and relaxing. Thank you 50 Shades girls! “ – Carol, 7/2/16

“Thank you for the fun day.  All the women were so nice.  See you on the 11th” – Donnie 7/3/16


“It was a nice relaxing time. I needed this 2 hour break with the stress of moving and trying to find a new place to live. Made my first magnet of I think many to come. They are so cool! It was nice seeing everyone. I always look forward to seeing you, Myra. Have a happy 4th of July everyone.” – Frances, 7/4/16.


I'm glad I was able to attend. Coloring is definitely a great stress relief for me. Congrats to Nicole and her fiancee with the happy news. Renee, your owl came out great! Love the colors.  And nice to welcome new color enthusiasts at each event. Thanks, Myra! “– Frances, 7/7/16


Had a blast as always with everyone :D love the new small magnets!! “– Nicole, 7/7/16


“Thanks for having me! I really appreciated being able to share our upcoming class too! I'll see you at the next Tustin one.”– Alyx, 7/7/16


"I really enjoyed this colorful and friendly evening! Thank you Myra! Hope to join you again soon.” – Mimi. 7/10/16

“Thanks for all you put into these events. We had a great time as we always do and we're looking forward to the event at Fuddruckers. Have a good evening. See you tomorrow night”. – Susan, 7/10/16


It was very fun as usual. Loved the new small glass magnets and the two color challenge!” – Susan,



“A great evening after work- Thank-you for all the time it takes you to put everything together Myra & your thoughtful ideas-- I am really enjoying my magnet on the frig tonite & my new piece that I began to work on. Thank you for the little chocolates-- which I enjoyed very much-- Also thanks to everyone at the table with me this evening for your helpful tips -- nice seeing everyone again!” – Wendy, 7/12/16


Had a great time as always :) enjoyed doing some magnets and relaxing while coloring.”– Nicole, 7/12/16


I love this meetup to bits.” – Diane, 7/13/16


Always new ideas, never boring.” – Carolin, 7/30/16

A wonderful morning of coloring and visiting with friendly people.”  – Kathleen, 8/1/16


“Hi Myra, thank you so much for having me and being so inviting. I had a lot of fun (loved all the color carousels!) and will see you Monday. I opened the meetup app to message you and you beat me to it!”– Meredyth, 8/3/16


“Thank you as well. It was a really great time and I think what you offer is really rewarding. Thank you for your efforts. I will be back.” – Laureen, 8/3/16


Had a great time for my first National Coloring Day Celebration! Look forward to the next. Myra, you make it so fun! “– Frances, 8/3/16


A very well attended Meetup.. Way to go Myra! As always, lots of great things to come, fun projects and the coloring bingo was fun too! Enjoyed socializing with some of our new coloring gang! Happy National Coloring Day!! “– Maria, 8/3/16


It was really great, I enjoyed meeting everyone and they were all so very nice. :)” – Leigh, 8/3/16


Very fun event! Great to share National Coloring Day with the group! “– Susan, 8/6/16


Had a wonderful time as always! Enjoyed the bingo and party favors celebrating the 1 year of 50 Shades of coloring it was really fun :) “– Nicole, 8/6/16


“Thank you Myra for all that you do.” – Vicki, 8/6/16


“Thanks Myra! National Coloring Day was so much fun! We had a great time and love our new luggage tags. I can't wait to use mine when we go up north on the 14th. Have a good month. See you on the 31st!” – Susan, 8/6/16


“Thanks Myra. Another fun night.” – Renee, 8/8/16


Great as usual. I enjoyed making the luggage tags and finishing a few pictures I was working on. It was fun to win a prize.” – Diane, 8/8/16


Super fun evening and enjoyed meeting new members of the group. Enjoyed color bingo!” – Nicole, 8/8/16


Thanks for organizing another lovely evening, Myra! Great projects, great people, great food, great time! :-)” – Kathleen, 8/9/16



Another fun morning with the coloring crew! myra, i'm on a mission to get that coloring clipboard! looking forward to the coloring crew meetup on 8/25!” – Donna, 8/14/16


A wonderful morning with the wonderful coloring crew! I always look forward to these Meetups! Thx Myra!” – Maria, 8/14/16


Lots of fun.  Great group of friendly ladies.  Definitely going again.” – Renee, 8/16/16


Had a great time as always and enjoyed meeting all the first timers tonight :D “– Nicole, 8/16/16

"Last night was my first time attending and I am so happy I went. It was sooo much fun and I met some wonderful woman. I will absolutely attend more often. Thank you Myra!!" – Denise, 8/16/16

“Thank you for the great time I had last night.” – Donnie, 8/16/16


 “Thanks for another great event! Isabelle and I had a great time coloring magnets and starting two-color projects and Mitch enjoyed starting the egg project. We can't wait to see how it turns out!” – Susan, 8/17/16


“Thank you so much! The class was so much fun.”  – Mindy, 8/18/16


I just love this place. It's further from where I live, but the light is great. Great fun seeing everyone's creations tonight. I love sitting in the middle of the table where I am involved in conversation and coloring. The San Francisco pictures are wonderful, and I'm hoping to get a copy next time. Perfect thing for a somewhat stressful day.” – Diane, 8/26/16


Great night, I just did too much work in my garden, and at the end of the nite I was very tired. Diane you were delightful. And the couple I sat close to are so fun and nice. I enjoy learning about everyone at the table each time I go to the events.” – Carolin, 8/26/16

I had an enjoyable evening with everyone and a fun time making magnets. Myra, you always go our of your way to make everything so fun and creative. Thanks!” – Frances, 8/29/16

Enjoyed a quiet colorful morning with the crew. Welcome, Del and Kim! Hope you'll join us again.”– Kathleen, 9/11/16


Was so much fun and enjoyed meeting new members :) can't wait for next event :)”– Nicole, 9/11/16


Fun celebration of the one year anniversary of this meet up. Fun new pix to color. Relaxing and fun as usual with great conversation.” – Diane, 9/12/16

We had a great time! Many pages and projects to color, great company, lots of fun, and even yummy cupcakes for the group's birthday too! And all put together by an amazing wonderful organizer. Thanks Myra!” – Susan, 9/13/16


It was great to be back and see everyone. Congrats to Nicole, twins, double the fun. Missed you Myra. It's such a calm evening with nice people, great conversation and coloring. Myra your mom is such a sweet person, glad to see her. And Rene, nice to hear about your trip. It sounds like a place I would like to visit. See everyone on Monday”. – Frances, 9/13/16


Had a blast as always. Loved the conversation and people. Thank you Myra.” – Nicole, 9/13/16


I enjoy seeing everyone and Nicole plus two. Have fun seeing all the good art we are enjoying by ourselves and as a group.” - Carolin, 9/14/16


Great evening celebrating the one year anniversary of 50 Shades of Coloring! Thanks for all you do Myra!!” – Maria, 9/19/16


Was a lot of fun and had a blast :D loved the birthday celebration and thank you Myra for bringing me fruit since I can't have cake :D and for bingo fun.” – Nicole, 9/19/16


Really fun celebration! Thank you, Myra, for all of your hard work in making each meetup special.” – Kathleen, 9/19/16


Thanks everyone for making the birthday so fun.” – Kim, 9/20/16


“It was so a blast! Thank you for all the work that you put into making this event (and other ones) so much fun and enjoyable.” - Blessings, Cindy, 9/20/16


“Thank you, Myra, for setting up the meet-up.  We all have a great time with the added benefit of meeting new people and learning about new crafts.  I will pass on the message.” – Angela, 9/20/16


“It was a great turn out!  Thank you for always making it so much fun and a place for us to come and relax.  I look forward to more good times. “ – Vicki, 9/20/16


Great fun! I need to do it more often! Thanks for your hard work Myra!!” – Anna D., 9/20/16


Fun evening last night, every time I go I feel a deeper connection. Sometimes my social skills slow down my coloring. Lots of homework.”– Carolin, 9/27/16


Fun times as always! Thanks for a terrific evening, Myra!!”  - Maria, 9/27/16


Another great night with the coloring crew! It was so nice to meet Sharlin and Anna! That was a wonderful way to end the birthday month! On the way to another COLORFUL & FUN year! Myra, your the best!!!” – Donna, 9/28/16


“Thank you, Myra, you sweet thang!   We love you and what you do.  We're happy to be part of your family.” – Les, 9/28/16

"Had a great time, Myra. Les and I enjoy coloring with everyone. " – Mary, 9/28/16

We had so much fun celebrating the group's 1 year birthday with everyone!” – Susan, 10/4/16

“And in case we forgot to say this at the birthday celebrations, thank you so much for everything you've put into the group. You do such an awesome job and we very much appreciate it. We can't wait to see what you've got in store for this next year!” – Susan Glavis – 10/4/16


A great morning of coloring and socializing with the gang! The new October coloring items (pages, cards, gray scale) are terrific..can't wait for the next meetup so I can try some more! Thanks for another ColorFULL morning, Myra!!” – Maria, 10/7/16


“Loved seeing you and everyone.  A good group of news friends we have now. We had a good time! “– Mary, 10/8/16


Had a wonderful time coloring and chatting with the morning coloring crew :) always have a great time here!” – Nicole, 10/10/16


Loved the Halloween greyscale pictures. It was challenging to do the one I worked on. More so than usual because of the detail and I loved how it turned out.” – Diane, 10/10/16


It was fun doing Halloween pictures and chatting and relaxing looking forward to the next one already!!” – Nicole, 10/11/16